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WEEK 12: NFL Players Continue to Disrespect American Flag With Anthem Protests, Empty Seats Plague League

Empty NFL seats during Week 12 games between the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans (left), and the Atlanta Falcons vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (right).

Several NFL players continued their protests during the National Anthem on Sunday, disrespecting the American flag and those who fought and died for all that it represents.

The unpatriotic protests, inspired by cop-hating communist Colin Kaepernick, are continuing to take their toll on the league, resulting in thousands of empty seats at stadiums around the league.

Halfway through Week 12’s games, several players protested, as The Hill reported via AP:

Philadelphia Eagles players Malcom Jenkins and Rodney McLeod raised their fists during the anthem, while teammate Chris Long put his arm around Jenkins. 

Miami Dolphins players Kenny Stills, Julius Thomas and Michael Thomas all knelt prior to their game.

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters and Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews each stayed off the field during the anthem prior to their respective games.

Many of the players with the Indianapolis Colts locked arms on the sideline, the AP reported.

New York Giants defensive lineman Olivier Vernon took a knee during the anthem before the team’s game on Thursday night.

Disgusted NFL fans are leaving in droves, as you can see from the pictures below:

One fan tweeted the deeply-discounted $17 tickets available to attend the San Francisco 49er’s home game against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. For this fan, it’s still not worth it:

Last week, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch refused to stand for the American National Anthem but rose for the Mexican anthem — the game was played in Mexico City, Mexico. Many fans were angered by the act of disrespect.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell — even though the league regulates the conduct of players both on and off the field — refuses to require players to stand during the National Anthem.

In the face of declining TV ratingsadvertiser rates, and empty seats galore, Goodell is seeking a 60% increase in pay — to $50 million per year — as well as cushy perks like a private jet and health care for him and his family for life.

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