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Vengeful Anthony Scaramucci Feeds ‘The View’ Leftists Red Meat: Steve Bannon has ‘White Nationalist’ ‘Tendencies’

(WASHINGTON FREE BEACON) — Short-lived White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci said his former colleague Steve Bannon has the “tendencies” of a white nationalist while on “The View” Friday.

Scaramucci was fired after a 10-day stint as communications director after he excoriated then-White House chief strategist Bannon in a phone call to New Yorker reporter Ryan Lizza. During the conversation, which was later published, he accused Bannon in vulgar terms of using President Donald Trump to advance his brand, among other things. Hosts of ABC’s “The View” asked Scaramucci whether Bannon is guilty of the charge by some that he is a “white nationalist.” The former Trump advisor answered with some hesitation.

“Is he a white nationalist?” he said. “I would say that he has those tendencies. If you read Breitbartthere’s a lot of that white nationalist economic fervor.”

“Well he’s white and he’s a nationalist, put both together,” host Joy Behar said with a laugh.

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