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In Trying To Invalidate James O’Keefe, NYT Executive Editor Makes A Fatal Admission

If you follow any news outlet outside of the biased and corrupt Main Stream Media, you might have watched the recent videos released by James O’Keefe and his outlet, “Project Veritas.”

So far, he has released three videos from his “American Pravda” undercover sting of The New York Times. In past stings, subjects have provided replies to O’Keefe’s exposes, as did the New York Times to this one.

In reply to the first release of videos in which NYT Audience Strategy Editor, Nick Dudich and Senior Home Page Editor, Des Shoe, admit to the institutionally entrenched bias at the supposed “paper of record,” NYT Executive Editor, Dean Baquet was asked to comment.

His reply was one that not only sought to dismiss O’Keefe as “despicable” and a trickster but that his work isn’t “journalism.” Then, as if his mouth couldn’t keep a hold on his thoughts, he admits that Dudich “said things he shouldn’t have said” and that “were damaging.” He added that he “would deal with it.”

Baquet went on to claim that Dudich had “a very entry-level job” and implied that this “kid,” Dudich, was merely trying to impress O’Keefe’s female undercover reporter.  If a position as an editor is considered a “very entry-level” job at The New York Times, I wonder what they consider an assistant’s position.

But it was in this reply, where Baquet, not knowingly, completely validates O’Keefe’s work and exposes the true goal and mission of The New York Times.  Baquet states that “a journalist has to have, at his heart, or her heart, a desire to make society better.”

In that single quote, everything we thought of the left-wing mainstream media is confirmed. I would love to ask Baquet to define “better.”  What does it mean? Better for whom? How? If late-term abortions are ended, is that “better”? If a border wall is erected, stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into our sovereign republic, is that “better”? We know what his, (and virtually every employee at the Times) answer would be.

“Better” is utterly subjective. The New York Times insists that it strives to be objective because reporting and journalism should be. But they’re not, and we know it.

Baquet reveals what we, on the right, have known for decades: outlets like The New York Times are not in business to report the truth, but to forward policies that THEY believe will “make society better.”

 In their image. To forward their beliefs.

And so I say to you, Mr. Baquet: a journalist’s job is not to “desire to make society better.” That might be the job of an activist, advocate or politician, but not for a journalist.

A journalist’s job is simply this: to report the TRUTH, nothing more.


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Alex David
Alex David is an Entrepreneur, Marketing and Digital Advertising Executive, proud father and Christian who converted from being a die-hard liberal progressive to a self-educated Jeffersonian Constitutionalist Conservative, Milton Friedman Apologist and NRA Member. God Bless America!
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