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Are Trump’s Tweets Drowning Out His Wins?

Upon opening up my browser Thursday morning, I anticipated news on President Trump’s recent push-back against the media. I thought that he had gained a modicum of populist capital with his latest barrage against a media that is exhibiting increasingly savage and open animus towards him. Any measure of objectivity from our media complex has evaporated. It’s gone.

Well, that thought disappeared quicker than smoke from a Hookah on a windy day when I saw that the big news of the day was these tweets from our President:

Oh Jeez, I thought, here we go again.

Readers of The Politistick know that we are not exactly cheerleaders for this president. Personally, I did not vote for the man. But it is no surprise that we do support some elements of his agenda. As conservatives, issues like tax reform, border security, reducing unneeded, frivolous regulations, energy independence and repealing ObamaCare are all points that we welcome.

The problem with President Trump’s tweets is that they smack of an unhealthy impulsiveness that does not befit the Office of the President. It’s that simple. I know that his spokespersons and die-hard supporters think that he’s just “fighting back” against the never ending attacks from outlets like MSNBC whose entire line-up is pushing the “Resist” movement 24/7/365. I get it. The vicious name-calling against the president, his family, his staff and his supporters that spew out from the cable news outlets are simply too numerous to list.

But the president HAS to be above the miasmas emanating from the din.

I know that “Trump will be Trump.” I know that if you pull a knife on him, he’ll break out a .50 caliber. I get all that. I do cheer some of his aggressive push-backs from the media’s and the Left’s attacks on him. Kudos to him for that, it’s about time. They have had a license to run rampant over anyone not in the liberal progressive camp for decades.

The day before the president‘s eighth grade, mean and nasty tweet directed towards a female pundit at MSNBC, the press was on the ropes. CNN had been severely wounded by the recent videos put out by James O’Keefe at Project Veritas. The Supreme Court had given him the green light (via a unanimous 9-0 vote) on most of the elements of his travel ban. For a president with so little legislative victories on his scorecard, he was finally on a winning streak. And then Twitter.

This type of behavior is EXACTLY what the press who hate the president HOPES FOR. They feed on this like it’s ambrosia from Valhalla. For them, it’s like those power blasts you win while playing video games. Like a direct shot in the heart of adrenaline. For the President though, it’s moving backward at warp speed.

Mr. President: Get on the high road and stay there. And stop the juvenile tweets.

“If a wise person disputes with a fool, there is railing and ridicule but no resolution. Proverbs 29:9

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Alex David
Alex David is an Entrepreneur, Marketing and Digital Advertising Executive, proud father and Christian who converted from being a die-hard liberal progressive to a self-educated Jeffersonian Constitutionalist Conservative, Milton Friedman Apologist and NRA Member. God Bless America!
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