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Trey Gowdy: FBI Texts Mentioned ‘SECRET SOCIETY’ Out to Get Trump [VIDEO]

Congressman Trey Gowdy, in an interview with FOX News’ Marth MacCallum on Monday, said one of the newly uncovered texts between Trump-hating, Hillary loving FBI agent Peter Strzok and his adulteress, Lisa Page, an FBI attorney — both key figures in the bogus Hillary Clinton Emailgate scandal investigation in which she was reportedly exonerated before the investigation even began — revealed that there was a reference to a “secret society” of Obama-Clinton-Democrat deep state operatives scheming to erase the election of Donald Trump to the presidency.

“You have this insurance policy in the spring of 2016 and then the day after the election, the day after — what they really, really didn’t want to have happened — there’s a text exchange between these two FBI agents, these two supposed to be objective facts-centric FBI agents saying perhaps this is the first meeting of the secret society.

So of course, I’m going to want to know what secret society are you talking about because you are supposed to be investigating objectively the person who just won back the Electoral College. Yeah, I’m going to want to know.”

As Gowdy referenced, previously revealed texts between to two lovers mentioned an “insurance policy” against Trump, believed to be the falsified dirty dossier paid for by the Democrat Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign — in collusion with the Russians — to derail the Trump presidency.

Many believe that the phony dossier was used by Obama-Clinton deep state operatives was used to trigger the special counsel of Robert Mueller, the best pal of fired James Comey who was the FBI director at the time of the shame investigation into Hillary Clinton’s political crimes.

And, of course, this doesn’t even get into what could even turn out to be a bigger scandal, the treasonous Hillary Clinton “Uranium One” scandal in which a quarter of the nation’s uranium production was in essence sold to Russian strongman Vladimir Putin in exchange for $145 million in donations to the corrupt Clinton Foundation, a money laundering operation.

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