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Tomi Lahren Lands a New Gig

Tomi Lahren, former host at The Blaze, has landed a new gig, but it’s not on television. Lahren will join the communications team of the Great America Alliance (GAA), which is an offshoot of the pro-Trump Great America PAC.

In a press release sent out Monday morning, GAA made the announcement which also included the vision and goals of the group as well as the benefits they believe Lahren will bring.

“With critical policy battles looming, including repealing Obamacare and passing pro-growth tax reform, Great America Alliance (GAA), the leading issue advocacy organization supporting the America-First agenda of President Donald J. Trump, announced Tomi Lahren is joining their national team. Using her growing national profile, Lahren will help GAA execute communications and messaging strategies to expand grassroots support of the President’s policies across the country.”

Eric Beach, one of the founders of GAA, said this regarding Lahren’s new role within the group.

“Tomi was an important and impactful voice in support of Donald Trump during the campaign. We are thrilled to join forces with her and continue the work of developing unique, effective programs to advance the President’s policies.”

Lahren made headlines when she appeared on ABC’s The View back in March. During that appearance, she declared herself to be “a constitutional” and therefore pro-choice. She also called those conservatives who are for limited government and are pro-life hypocrites. Given the fact that just three months earlier, Lahren was calling pro-choice people murderers, it was an epic flip-flop.

Glenn Beck made the decision to discontinue Lahren’s show but pay her through the contract. Despite still getting paid through her contract, she sued Glenn Beck and The Blaze for wrongful termination. Beck countersued citing employment issues with Lahren for the past year and the decision to not renew her contract. Eventually, an undisclosed settlement was reached and both lawsuits were dropped.

As of this writing, Lahren did not say much about her new position on social media. Her only tweet was “The Silent Majority is getting louder” and included a link to data mining for the organization.

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