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If You Thought the Trump/CNN WWE GIF was Awesome, Then Check Out These

Image: Screenshot/Twitter

CNN got their panties in a wad after Donald Trump tweeted a wrestling video of him against CNN. Now, mind you, it was actually a video done for fun with Trump and WWE head Jeff McMahon during a staged “battle of the billionaires” years ago. CNN’s logo was simply superimposed on McMahon’s head by someone. Trump, being Trump, found it and tweeted it.

And the media lost their ever-loving minds.

CNN became so unhinged and incensed that Brian Stetler, host of the not so reliable “Reliable Sources,” reported the tweet to Twitter believing that it violated their community standards, also perhaps thinking it would get Trump’s Twitter account deactivated. It didn’t. But, CNN didn’t stop there.

Some genius at CNN (I’m being facetious) thought it would be a good idea to allocate resources to track down the original maker of the video meme, threaten them, and blackmail them into an apology. It’s a PR disaster that CNN continues to double down defending.  Beyond being a PR nightmare, CNN’s actions may have even broken Georgia law, according to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Unfortunately for CNN, they showed the world not only how thin-skinned they are but also how unhinged they are when it comes to Trump. The Internet world took full advantage of that revelation with great, and well-deserved, mockery.

CNN makes getting under their skin so easy.

Self-destruct mode confirmed.

CNN just can’t help but beat themselves up with their own unhinged and obsessive stupidity.

Purveyors of fake news…CNN just can’t help themselves.

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CNN = Failure


What will CNN threaten to do to whoever created this one?

It looks like CNN is content with their reputation and ratings going down a black hole of doom.

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This would be even more hilarious if it wasn’t dangerously true.


CNN…ruining themselves.

I could go on and on because there are so many awesome and hilariously funny memes out there mocking CNN but I’ll leave you with this one because it also points out a disturbing fact and asks a great question.

At some point on Wednesday, #CNNBlackmail suddenly stopped trending for many and by the end of the day it was no longer trending despite the vast number of tweets to that hashtag. In fact, I noticed it was no longer trending and other hashtags with a mere 1,500 tweets were trending instead. I knew something was fishy and this tweet points it out with a spot-on, rhetorical question that implicates Twitter.


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