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Ted Cruz: ‘Depraved Madman’ Had a ‘Peculiar Evil’ [VIDEO]

Texas Senator [score]Ted Cruz[/score] spoke briefly to reporters in the aftermath of what has been characterized as the worse mass murder in Texas history on Sunday as an atheist walked into the First Baptist Church in the tiny town of Sutherland Springs, Texas and murdered 26 Christian worshippers while injuring 20 more.

Cruz said that there are no human words that can eliminate the pain of a parent losing a child and that the mass murderer — a “depraved madman” — exhibited a “peculiar evil.”

“You know, there aren’t words that can make this pain go away. The pain of a parent losing a child is unspeakable. My understanding is that this depraved madman had worshipped at this church before.

We’ve seen this before. Evil — there is a peculiar evil that can worship God, can pray with people and then come back and murder those very same people.

I can tell you as I visited with the pastor, I shared something my father has pointed out before which is that in Psalms: 23, it tells us, ‘Yea, though I go through the valley of death I will fear no evil.’ And the word of encouragement I try to share is I think the most powerful word in the entire verse is the word ‘through.’ Through the valley of death.

This is a moment of horror, of grief, of agony and yet with God’s grace and with our coming together we will make it through the valley into the other side. But this is a community that is going to need prayer. It’s going to need help. It’s going to need support and we are seeing Texans come together and we’re seeing Americans come together to provide that support.” 

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