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Snowflake is Triggered by Strikeout Sign at Baseball Game; Ridicule Ensues

Image: Twitter

Just when you thought the world filled with thin-skinned, easily offended snowflakes who demand that everyone conform to their desire so that their feelings are not hurt couldn’t get any more stupid, it does.

Let me ask you a question. Do you know what symbol is used to indicate a strike in baseball. If you guessed ‘K’ then you would be correct. Each time a pitcher registers a strike against a batter, some ball parks hang up a “K.” If there are three strikes in a row, then there will be three K’s….KKK.

And that is where a level of self-absorbed stupidity comes in.

A woman who goes by the Twitter handle of Sania Kay went to an Atlanta Braves game on July 4th and was triggered when she saw KKK to indicate three strikeouts. She even took to Twitter to complain.

It didn’t take long for peeps on Twitter to school this thin-skinned Snowflake.

Doesn’t make it right? The KKK stands of three strikeouts. Is this chick too dense to get that?

The schooling continued.

Time for a change? Get over yourself. This is one of the big problems in society today. There are too many snowflakes who believe they have the right to not be offended and expect people and organizations around them to cave to their demands.

One guy schooled her on the history of the K as a strikeout symbol. It was implemented years before the KKK even existed. Even facts and logic couldn’t penetrate the brain of this woman-child.


And like so many leftists, little miss Sania thinks she knows more than a black person, with a verified account so you know he is who he says he is, about what should offend him. The fact that he doesn’t find the way strikeouts are recorded offensive and she does, in her “mind,” means that she cares more about his race than he does.

It seems that Sania Kay isn’t the only person who was triggered by the three Ks to indicate three strikeouts. A sports anchor/reporter at the local FOX affiliate in Atlanta wrote this message.

Here’s Antwan’s response.

I couldn’t have summed it up better. SMH.

h/t IJR

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