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SHOCK: Leftist Richard Fowler Calls for Special Prosecutor in Hillary’s Russian Uranium One Scandal [VIDEO]

Richard Fowler

Leftist political commentator Richard Fowler, appearing on FOX News’ Watters’ World Saturday night, broke with the rest of the Democrat Party and called for a special prosecutor in the Hillary Clinton Uranium One scandal in which the Clintons seemingly transferred 20% of America’s uranium supply — the fuel used to make nuclear bombs — to a Russia company controlled by Russian strongman Vladimir Putin, in exchange for $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation and highly inflated speaking fees for former Democrat President Bill Clinton.

Appearing opposite conservative Ben Shapiro in what was supposed to be a debate regarding Hillary Clinton’s potential legal problems in regards to not only the Uranium One scandal, but also the revelation that the Clinton campaign and the DNC bankrolled the dirty Russian dossier that was used to trigger a special prosecutor investigating non-existent Russia collusion with the Trump campaign, there was shockingly very little disagreement between the two political polar opposites.

“I understand the concern — I understand why people are concerned about this uranium deal,” Fowler admitted to Jesse Watters.  “And if they are concerned, let’s not waste time with a political hearing — let’s not waste time with [score]Trey Gowdy[/score] and [score]Devin Nunes[/score] having a political committee hearing. Let’s actually have seasoned professional prosecutors look at the evidence. Let’s have a grand jury impaneled and see if Hillary Clinton, her State Department, and the Clinton Foundation actually engaged in wrongdoing.”

Watters then asked Shapiro’s take on the matter, considering that FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett has contended that Hillary Clinton could be facing criminal charges like bribery, fraud and/or racketeering.

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I agree with Richard,” Ben Shapiro responded. “Maybe a special counsel should be appointed to take a look at the uranium deal, and investigate the FBI and the DOJ too because obviously, they knew that there was corruption going on between Rosatom, the Russian Atomic Energy Agency that was responsible for this deal and the Russian government and they said nothing at the same time this deal was being approved. So a special prosecutor seems like a serious possibility here.

“This is not a place where criminal activity is utterly off the wall,” Shapiro stated. “It’s a possibility some criminal activity happened,” he concluded. 

Watch below via FOX News:

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