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SHOCK: DEMOCRAT Congressman Just Admitted What Democrats NEVER Admit About Gun Control [VIDEO]

Congressman Henry Cuellar (D-Texas)

Democrat Congressman [score]Henry Cuellar [/score]from Texas admitted something tonight on FOX News’ [score]Tucker Carlson Tonight [/score]that you will rarely — if ever — hear from a modern-day Democrat that has taken a hard-left turn the past eight years under Obama, funded by anti-American globalist billionaire George Soros.

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas massacre in which dozens of people were murdered and hundreds more injured by a madman shooting from a high-rise hotel — at a time when most progressive leftist’s knee-jerk reaction was to blame Second Amendment rights — Henry Cuellar admitted that gun control doesn’t work.

It was amazing. When asked by Tucker Carlson if Cueller could name one place where gun control actually reduced crime, Cuellar gave a quick, emphatic one-word answer: “No.”

“Just taking guns away from everybody is not going to solve the issue,” Representative Cuellar confessed, something that most Democrats would love to see be done, obliterating Second Amendment rights.

“Then why do people keep saying that? Carlson asked. “Can you think of a single place in the United States that has become safe because of gun control?”

“No,” Cuellar answered unequivocally.

Congressman Cuellar is being intellectually honest here, despite the emotional leftist urge to grab guns from honest Americans whenever there is a tragedy of this sort. As we’ve learned, Democrat-run cities like Chicago where gun control is high are literal war zones with dozens of people shot every weekend despite the laws.


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