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Shannon Sharpe: American Flag is a ‘Racist,’ ‘Peace of Cloth’ ‘Nobody Fights For’ [VIDEO]

The co-host of FN1’s Undisputed, former NFL player Shannon Sharpe, went on a hateful rant on Friday in regards to the anti-American NFL National Anthem protests, angrily arguing that the American flag is no big deal anyway, that it’s just a “piece of cloth” that “nobody fights for” and that it’s a symbol that’s somehow “racist” to boot.

“The flag, you see, to a lot of people, symbols, patriotism but what does that symbol actually mean?” Sharpe asked stunned co-host Skip Bayless. “What does — what does – okay — you keep telling me that the flag means so much and it’s opportunity and freedom and liberty. Okay. Can you honestly say that everybody in America has freedom and liberties and opportunity?”

“No,” Bayless calmly answered.

“Well, if you can’t can’t answer that, then we have a problem and we would like to have it addressed,” Sharpe shouted.

Shannon Sharpe, a former NFL tight end who spent all but two of his 12 seasons with the Denver Broncos, continued his hateful rant against the American flag and all the goodness that it stands for, now at a fevered pitch:

“And stop trying to sweep it under the rug. But, see, as long as you paint that narrative, oh, it’s the Anthem, I can’t — no — anybody that does something to the Anthem — well, we know what the anthem was originally written for and who it was written by, okay? The flag, okay? We understand what the flag? What does it represent?

When did this narrative come to be that the military and the police own the flag and only them? I can go buy a flag and I can hang it up in my backyard. We need to stop this, Skip. We need to — the flag is a piece of cloth and nobody fights for a piece of cloth.”

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A visually repulsed Bayless somewhat pushed back, but it was a fairly weak response. I think a Navy SEAL should have been on the program to debate Shannon Sharpe. It might have gone differently.


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