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Seth Rogen Mocks Trump Supporter Stabbed 9 Times by Muslims; Twitter Erupts

It was just over one week ago when Republicans in Congress were targeted for assassination by a progressive Bernie Sanders supporter by the name of James T. Hodgkinson while they were practicing for a charity baseball game. House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was critically injured and was close to death when he arrived at the hospital after being airlifted from the baseball park.

For a brief moment, those on the left and right side of the political aisle called for a more civil tone, for people to talk through their differences. That call for a love fest was short-lived. Within one day, Nancy Pelosi was attacking Republicans. Just this week, MSNBC’s Joy Reid suggested that Scalise deserved to be shot because of his views on traditional marriage and conservativism. Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas’ Warren attacked the GOP health care bill by accusing Republicans of using “blood money” to cover the cost of health care with American lives.

MSNBC’s Elise Jordan compared Republicans to terrorists and likened President Trump to a suicide bomber. A Nebraska Democrat official was caught on tape saying that he was glad Steve Scalise was shot and wished he were dead. I could go on and on.

From Democrat elected officials to their allies in the media and Hollywood, the level of vitriol directed at Trump, anyone who supports him, or anyone on the right side of the aisle has been downright hate-filled and dangerous.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the day after actor Johnny Depp makes a “joke” overseas about assassinating President Trump, actor Seth Rogen would mock a Trump supporter who is fighting for his life in the hospital after being stabbed NINE times by a Muslim Armenian gang while providing bodyguard protection for California congressional candidate, Omar Navarro. The two men, 30-year-old Edgar Khodzhasaryan and 31-year-old Arsen Bekverdyan, reportedly said, “You’re getting the shank White Boy,” before stabbing him repeatedly. The have been charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

Rogen tweeted a story from the far-left rag Raw Story about Antonio Foreman who they conveniently left out was providing bodyguard protection for Navarro, likely so they could then label him as a ‘white nationalist.’ Apparently, though Foreman works as private bodyguard, he doesn’t have health insurance so his friends have started a GoFundMe account to help cover his medical bills.

Douchebag Seth Rogen obviously thinks it is so humorous that a Trump supporter was attacked and stabbed nine times, is now hospitalized  and doesn’t have health insurance that he took to Twitter to mock him.

It didn’t take long for him to be called out for his disgusting tweet. Here is a sampling of a few of the best responses.

This one about summed it up. The left wants people to believe that Obamacare was the greatest thing since sliced bread and that everyone’s lives were made better. That’s not true. Countless people have experienced exchanges closing leaving them now healthcare options, premiums rising to amounts they cannot afford, and deductibles so high that it renders what they pay far to much money every month for useless.

Will that make any kind of impact on bigoted Seth Rogen? Doubtful. The liberal elite have their noses so far up in the air and their heads so far up their you know what they they can’t even smell their own you-know-what.

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Jennifer Burke
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