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Sen. Ron Johnson Busts CNN’s Chris Cuomo for Hiding Democrat Scandals [VIDEO]

There are presently two major scandals going on in the Democrat Party, probable blackmail, corruption or worse, but you’d never know it by watching CNN, a leading member of the Democrat Media Complex trying to shake it’s “Fake News” label.

Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s top tech person, a Pakistani was just arrested trying to flee the country after wiring $300,000 to Pakistan and was frantically trying to liquidate assets.

The congressional aide, Imran Awan, was part of a family of Pakistanis paid millions by Democrats, wildly overpaying them for their “services” and no one in the so-called mainstream media is the least bit curious to ask why. Likewise, no one in the media is hounding Debbie Wasserman Schultz to ask her this basic question: “Why did you take so long to fire Imran Awan, who you knew was under FBI investigation?” and “To what degree did he have access to national security and congressional emails and communications?”

And this is on top of the FBI recently seizing SMASHED computer hard drives from Awan’s home. What was on those drives and why were they crushed?

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Meanwhile, there’s evidence of real collusion with the Russians — from the Democrat side — in that Fusion GPS, a Democrat opposition research firm apparently behind the dirty Trump dossier, may have been paid by the Russians to produce negative and false stories about Trump that were then fed to leftist media outlets like CNN, the New York Times, and the Washington Post as if their were real news based on “anonymous sources.”

Certainly, any real journalist with any degree of integrity would at least be curious about the above scandals, scandals that could nuke the Democrat Party into oblivion, intriguing stories that even have national security implications, right?

Well, not Chris Cuomo at CNN. Cuomo is more interested in a new story from the Washington Post, based on anonymous sources of course, that President Trump helped craft his son’s written response to the meeting he had with a Russian attorney during the 2016 presidential campaign.

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Enter Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson who powerfully called out Cuomo and CNN’s burying the above stories, very much unlike their Russian obsession, which has turned out to be a complete non-story — a nothingburger — despite media hyper focus on all things Russia.

On Tuesday morning, Sen. Johnson was asked by Cuomo about the new WaPo story, and here’s how he answered:

SEN. RON JOHNSON (R-WI): Good morning, Chris. I think you’re aware of the fact I’m not involved in any investigations at Senate Intel Committee, as well as Robert Mueller. So, I’ll leave those capable individuals and committees to get to the final facts of these things. We need to find out what the facts are. Whether we need to take any additional action, but I’m not going to comment until we have their reports.

CUOMO: Not concerned by that report?

JOHNSON: Chris, there’s so much out there being talked about right now. You know, Kim Strassel [Wall Street Journal] wrote a pretty interesting article, ‘Who funded the Russian dossier on Trump?’ That’s pretty interesting as well. What’s happened with Debbie Wasserman Schultz? I still don’t have any information on that. I think you could do all kinds of reporting. What I’m focusing on is how do we fix the messes of Obamacare? How do we get tax relief to the American taxpayer? You know, how do we actually grow our economy so we have greater opportunities for Americans?

What’s even more interesting than the above stories, including Strassel’s, is why is CNN and Chris Cuomo not interested in covering any Democrat scandals — ever. Oh sure, they might mention them in passing. But there’s no obsession with these real stories like there is over the fake ones that will damage Donald Trump or any Republican for that matter.

Part of the lack of interest could stem from Chris Cuomo is a New York liberal whose father, Mario Cuomo, was a former New York governor and his brother, Andrew Cuomo, is the current Governor of New York — both Democrats.

And never forget, if you have a problem with a grown man showing his schlong to your 12-year-old daughter in a girl’s bathroom, then that’s a “you” problem — you’re the bigot — according to Chris Cuomo. 


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