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Sebastian Gorka SAVAGES CNN’s Alisyn Camerota: ‘More People Watching Nick at Night Than CNN’

Sebastian Gorka, a deputy assistant to President Trump regarding national security, appeared on CNN’s “New Day” with co-host Alisyn Camerota on Tuesday morning, brutalizing the struggling network over its obsession with Russia while ignoring real stories of national security significance.

Gorka mocked CNN, stating that the network is no longer a real news organization and that it has cost them in ratings to the extent that “more people watch Nick at Night cartoons than CNN today.”

Camerota asked Gorka if he thought it was a good idea for Donald Trump, Jr. to mean with a Russian lawyer, who on Tuesday denied being tied to Vladimir Putin or the Kremlin.

Gorka threw the matter back in Camerota’s face by asking if it was a “good idea for the DNC to send its operatives to the Ukrainian Embassy?”

“Is it possible that your team is obsessed with the Clintons?” Camerota fired back.

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“No. We’d like you to actually do your job. You aren’t in the news business anymore,” Gorka shot back. “You used to be. You are in the attacking President Trump business. And it’s sad. It’s really sad,” he noted.

Sebastian Gorka is not using hyperbole. As we recently reported, CNN isn’t just lagging in the ratings behind FOX News, which is number one overall, and MSNBC, which is number two despite their conspiracy theory ways. To add further insult which should cause everyone at the network to hang their heads in shame, CNN placed number 13 overall behind HGTV, Nick at Nite (which runs re-runs), the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and more.

Gorka ruthlessly hammered Camerota and CNN, a leading member of the Democrat Media Complex, asserting that the only reason they are obsessed with the Russia story is that Hillary Clinton lost. Amazingly, Camerota basically agreed with him.

The White House said Monday that the real collusion with a foreign power during the campaign was between the Democratic National Committee and Ukraine.

“If you are looking for an example of a campaign coordinating with a foreign country or a foreign source, look no further than the DNC which actually coordinated opposition research with the Ukrainian embassy,” said White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Watch the over nine minutes of fireworks below:

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