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Sebastian Gorka: It Was the Obama Regime That Judged People by Skin Color [VIDEO]

Sebastian Gorka at Values Voter Summit: “We Want Our Sovereignty Back!”

Speaking at the 2017 Values Voter Summit on Saturday, former national security adviser to President Donald Trump explained the “philosophical underpinnings” of the “America First” agenda that got Trump elected has nothing to do with race or skin color, that all legal American citizens — regardless of skin color — will benefit and that it was the Obama regime that was overly obsessed with skin pigmentation.

“There is one thing that underpins everything that was part of our campaign, whether it’s the war, whether defeating ISIS, pulling it’s out of NAFTA, leaving UNESCO. All of these things together are tied with one philosophical tissue — national sovereignty. We want our sovereignty back!


If 1776 means anything today, it that the word America has meaning. And it’s not some crypto-fascist garbage that they accuse us of — because we do not look at people based on skin color. That was the Obama regime.”


Sebastian Gorka noted that dividing people among different lines is the “Marxist way,” and that it is the new legal immigrants who benefit the most by having a system that puts Americans first:

“We do not divide America. We do not look on you upon your ethnicity. We don’t look at you upon your chromosome count, what your sexual preferences are.

That’s the Marxist way of dividing people.

[Enthusiastic Cheers]

We look at the U.S. As Americans. When we build this wall — and it is being built — guess who we are protecting first? It is not me, not the white-skinned Catholic dude comfortably living in northern Virginia.

Who are we protecting?

The newly minted recent immigrants to America, who is on the bottom of the wage scale and is going to be damaged by the guy who comes in illegally, working for free. 

We’re protecting them.”

Sebastian Gorka is frequently smeared as somehow being racist by progressive leftist Democrats and the Democrat Media Complex. Obviously, securing the border and insisting that people entering the country observe immigration laws has nothing to do with race as the above language articulates.


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