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Sebastian Gorka DESTROYS Liberal CNN Hack Chris Cuomo: ‘I’ll Assume You Know Nothing’

The co-host of CNN’s New Day, Chris Cuomo, whose brother is the current Democrat governor of New York and his father, a former, got into a heated exchange over President Trump’s terrorist ban executive order which would temporarily ban travel to America from seven countries known to be hotbeds of radical Islamic terrorism.

The target of rabid Cuomo, who is hellbent to push the Democrat Party-created narrative that the so-called “travel ban,” is somehow a ban on keeping all Muslims out of the country, was Trump foreign policy adviser, the very articulate Sebastian Gorka.

Gorka stumped Cuomo by asking him what the largest Muslim country in the world is. Cuomo didn’t know, so he stalled by replying, “You tell me.” It’s Indonesia which is not one of the seven countries temporarily banned.

Gorka further clowned Cuomo by asking him what the largest Arab country is in the world. Again, Cuomo had no clue so he punted and answered, “You tell me.” It’s Egypt and is also not included in the ban.

“Assume I know nothing,” Cuomo blurted.

“I will assume you know nothing,” Gorka jabbed, tongue-in-cheek.

“So, if this had anything, and I mean anything to do with race or religion, why would those two nations — the most populous Muslim nation and the most populous Arab nation not be included in the executive order? 

Explain that logic to me because this is where your spin fails. This is where the fake news propaganda collapses. 

Because if we had some dark, dread ulterior, motive, then those are the two first nations you would put on the list, not the seven nations that the Obama White House identified as the greatest concern.

Please answer that question.” 

Embarrassingly, Cuomo responded nervously with an “I will, I will,” but he never did. He filibustered incoherently without addressing the question that blows his false narrative to pieces.

This cringeworthy exchange is glorious in that Cuomo was left looking like a fool, but it fails in comparison to the progressive pervert revealing that, in his mind, if a 12-year-old girl has a problem with a man showing her his penis is a girl’s restroom then that’s a problem with her and her father. Pure evil.

The exchange about the Trump executive order was so hot that it trended Monday morning on Twitter.


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