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Sarah Palin Considers Lawsuit Against NY Times After Fake News Smear

After the leading member of the Democrat Media Complex, the New York Times trafficked in fake news by shamefully publishing an editorial blaming her for the shooting of former Democrat Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in 2011, scurrilous accusations that have long been debunked and always had zero merits, Sarah Palin is considering a lawsuit, she announced on Thursday:

The New York Times editorial board, therefore a collaborative effort, was desperately trying to provide cover when news broke that it was a progressive communist Bernie Sanders’ campaign worker who attempted to conduct a political assassination at a baseball diamond on Wednesday where Republican congressmen were practicing for an annual charity baseball game. Republican Congressman Steve Scalise remains in critical condition at the time of this writing because of progressive terrorism.

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Therefore they sleazily tried to shift the narrative back to Giffords, who was shot by an insane person that had nothing to do with conservative or Republican politics and the person was not a Sarah Palin supporter. Neither was there any evidence to support the notion that Giffords’ shooter, Jared Loughner, was in anyway inspired by Palin or anyone else in the all-American, pro-constitutional rights, grassroots Tea Party movement.

If anything, Giffords’ shooter was another whacked-out leftist, as a classmate revealed of Jared Loughner’s revealed after the shooting, a troubling and inconvenient fact that leftist media continues to try to hide.


The Washington Examiner reported that the Times has corrected their editorial following a considerable backlash:

The paper on Thursday corrected an editorial that claimed there was a “clear” link between the shooting of Giffords and Palin.

The original version of the Times editorial, which focused on the shooting Wednesday at a recreational congressional Republican baseball practice outside of Washington, said “the link to political incitement was clear” in the Giffords shooting. It went on to note that Palin’s political action committee had “circulated a map of targeted electoral districts that put Ms. Giffords … under stylized crosshairs.”

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Palin should sue and should win this case. This is a clear case of a deliberative fact-free character assassination by a leftist rag, not a rogue reporter who accidentally got a fact wrong, but by the Times’ editorial board.

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