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Sad! The Cleveland Indians Cave to Progressive Bullies and Political Correctness

The Chief Wahoo logo, which shows a smiling Native American with a feather in his hair, has been used by the Cleveland Indians since 1948 but the left has only deemed it to be ‘racist’ in recent years as they have ramped up their charges of racism in the name of their false god of political correctness. In today’s divisive climate, driven by Democrats and their snowflake brethren who are hellbent on destroying everything about American culture and history, Chief Wahoo has been under attack.

For years, the Indians have stood strong against the pressure to do away with Chief Wahoo. Sadly, their spine of steel which has helped them stand up against progressive bullies has now turned to mush.

TMZ reports that the Cleveland Indians have decided that Chief Wahoo is ‘no longer suitable for onfield use’ and will retire him after the 2018 season. It’s curious that they are waiting until after the upcoming baseball season if they believe Chief Wahoo is so unacceptable. They no doubt want to sell as much merchandise before the rip him from society.

In what is perhaps an effort to entice fans to buy Chief Wahoo merchandise to sport at games, the cowardly organization has scrubbed his face from all stadium signage and will remove it from uniforms beginning in 2019.

You can read the statement from the Cleveland Indians below.

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