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Rush Limbaugh Asks the $64,000 Question About Russian Collusion Democrats, Media Won’t Answer [AUDIO]

Others have asked this question and it bears repeating. In fact, every Democrat and their comrades in the media should be placed in the inconvenient position of having to answer this question because it really is the $64,000 question that they can’t and/or won’t explain.

On Friday’s broadcast, Rush Limbaugh asked his audience, why the Democrat Party and the media [same thing] never cared about so-called “Russin collusion” — even though attempts by the Russians to interfere in the 2016 presidential election were well known by the Obama regime for over a year earlier — until after the election results came in on November 4, when Hillary Clinton unexpectedly lost to first-time political candidate, Donald Trump.

“Why did you not hear about any of this before the election, by the way, folks? Why were the media and the Democrats not worried about Russian collusion before the election? Remember, they thought they were gonna win! They didn’t want her victory tainted with anybody thinking that the Russians had engineered it. It was only after she lost that they ginned this thing back up to full speed. But before the election when they thought they were gonna win, there wasn’t any talk about the Russians determining the winner.”

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Limbaugh then opined that the Democrats and the media don’t even believe in the whole “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative they’ve created, which is why they paid to create the dirty Russian dossier on Trump, which is a “crock of lies.”

“But there wasn’t any fear that it was gonna matter. They wouldn’t dare allude that it mattered because that would taint Hillary’s eventual win.

Well, my point is, they don’t even believe it.

They don’t even really believe the Russians colluded. That’s why they had to make it up in the dossier! They had to pay for it, make it up, pay for it to be written, all of this is a crock of lies like you’ve not seen before!”

There may be another reason the media has been hyper-focused 24/7 on non-existent charges of evidence-free Trump and/or his campaign colluding with the Russians. And that is Hillary Clinton and the Democrats proven collusion with the Russians — both in terms of selling 20% of U.S. uranium to the Russians in exchange for $145 million in “donations” by the Russians to the Clinton Foundation, as well as having Bill Clinton’s Russia speaking fees conveniently balloon to $500,000 per hour, and by paying the Russians to concoct the dirty dossier on Trump — a dossier that was then used to trigger the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, who looked the other way during the Uranium One scandal.

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Listen below courtesy of the Rush Limbaugh program:

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