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Judge Roy Moore Blasts Congress for Allowing Tyrannical Judges to Obliterate Religious Liberty

Judge Roy Moore

“The same courts that have unilaterally granted foreign nationals a religious liberty right to immigrate are now preventing American Christians from praying.”

“Ten Commandments” Judge Roy Moore, who is running against RINO [score]Mitch McConnell[/score] stooge Luther Strange to fill the vacant Alabama Senate seat created when Jeff Sessions became attorney general, blasted the “do-nothing Congress” this week following the horrific 9th Circuit (Circus) ruling that made public prayer on a football field illegal, a clear violation of religious liberty and the First Amendment.

Several years ago, now fired former Bremerton High School (in Washington state) football coach Joe Kennedy would go to the 50-yard line after the game had ended, bow his knee and say a private prayer. Before long, players from both teams began to voluntarily pray with the coach, which of course, caused intolerant pagan progressive snowflakes to be overly butthurt and emotionally triggered and using their mob-like tactics, put pressure on the school to fire Kennedy, which they did.

The 9th Circus, the most leftist court in the land that gets 80 percent of its rulings overturn by the Supreme Court, according to the American Bar Association (for this, the leftist Bar laughably gives them a subsidized “C-” rating), ruled that this was somehow forcing students into a religion — or something.

And former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore is blaming Congress, who has power over the courts, for allowing this judicial tyranny to fester:

“Our do-nothing Congress seems to forget that lower courts are fully the creation of the legislative branch of government,” Roy Moore said. “That rogue lower court panels, such as the Ninth Circuit, have gotten this far in trampling on our most sacred and foundational rights – without facing any opposition from Congress – is a testament to our lack of principles, disregard for the Constitution, and ignorance of our own power.

“The same courts that have unilaterally granted foreign nationals a religious liberty right to immigrate are now preventing American Christians from praying.”

“When I get to the Senate, the days of silent submissiveness from the legislative branch will be over,” Moore said. “We will remind the courts, especially the lower courts, how they were created and directed. We will restore the courts to their proper role and we will protect religious liberty.

“Religious liberty is the civil rights issue of our time and judicial supremacy is the biggest challenge to righting that ship. It begins by members of Congress taking our oath to the Constitution seriously.”

Judge Moore told Conservative Review this week that he will not support the continuation of RINO Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader.

“When I talk about the ‘establishment,’ it’s not just Republicans, or not just Democrats. It’s Republicans and Democrats alike,” Moore said, in an interview with Conservative Review Wednesday. “It’s people that want to stay where they are, accept the privileges and benefits of office, and don’t want to do anything.”

“I don’t think they are fulfilling the promises that they’ve made to the people,” Moore said. “I think people in this country, all people, want to go forward. They want progress. They want change. They don’t want this stagnancy that’s occurring in Washington right now.”

“Ten Commandments judge” Roy Moore has a comfortable 18-point lead in the GOP Senate primary runoff over McConnell stooge Luther Strange, a new poll showed Wednesday. However, a McConnell PAC showed Moore with just a 4-point lead.

The thought of Judge Roy Moore in the U.S. Senate has CNN in a tizzy, which is always a good thing.

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