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Roy Moore Attorney Demands Gloria Allred Release Original Yearbook, Contends it’s a ‘Fraud’

On Tuesday, popular conservative talk show host Sean Hannity insisted that Judge Roy Moore had 24 hours to respond to the allegations against him or drop out of the race.

On Wednesday afternoon, Team Moore responded with new details that cast serious doubt on at least one of the accusers who seemed to have a so-called “smoking gun,” a high school book that notorious liberal ambulance-chasing attorney Gloria Allred and the woman, Beverly Young Nelson, argue Roy Moore signed.

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Roy Moore attorney Phillip Jauregui, who began by stating that he has known Judge Moore for 24 years — around thousands of women — and has never seen him do or say anything inappropriate, strongly denied that Moore signed the yearbook and demanded that Gloria Allred release the original, rather than just relying on an Internet version, to be reviewed by a handwriting expert because there’s “no way in the world that is his handwriting.”

Perhaps the thing that casts the most doubt on the signature being Moore’s is Jauregui pointing out that the “D.A.” (District Attorney) initials after Moore’s signature, was recognized by Moore as the initials that his then-assistant, Deborah Adams, used to sign documents. Also, at the time of the 1977 alleged signing of the yearbook, Moore wasn’t even a district attorney.

In front of reporters, Jauregui stated:

“Right now Trent Garmon our attorney is sending a letter to Gloria Allred demanding that the yearbook be released. We’ll send it to a neutral custodian who will keep chain of custody and our professional expert will examine it and we’ll find out is it genuine or is it a fraud?

There are a couple of things also you need to know — I’m not going to go into everything on that paper because again, we need to have our handwriting expert draw some conclusions — I’m not going to draw them today and I’m not going to make any allegations we can’t support without an expert.

Look at the 1977 after Merry Christmas. Look at these two 7s and then look below at the ’77. And I want to ask you, do you think it was written by the same person? I want you to look at Old Hickory House, which they say Judge Moore wrote. Judge Moore says there is no way in the world that’s his handwriting. And I want you to look at it. Look at some other writing of his and make your own determination. That’s what our expert will be doing.

But for now, I’m asking you all to take a look. Use your judgment.

And then finally, after Judge Moore’s signature, it has the initials capital D.A. Remember I told you about that ’99 divorce action. Judge Moore looked at that D.A. after his signature which they allege was because he was the district attorney.

Well, he wasn’t. He was the Assistant District Attorney.

Judge Moore says can’t ever remember signing his name with D.A. after it, but he had seen it before. You know where he had seen it? When he was on the bench, his assistant, whose initials are D.A., Deborah Adams, would stamp his signature on documents and put capital D.A. That’s exactly how the signature appears on the divorce decree that judge Moore signed, dismissing the divorce action with Ms. Nelson.

Knowing these things, I’ve got a question, Ms. Nelson and Gloria Allred. Do you still hold that everything in that yearbook was written by Judge Moore or by somebody else? That’s not an allegation, that’s a question. And finally, we demand you immediately release the yearbook to a neutral custodian so that our expert can look at it. Not a copy on the Internet.” 

Jauregui argued that by seeing the original document an expert would be able to see how old the ink is and other information that an electronic version would reveal since we’re talking about something that allegedly happened nearly 40 years ago.

Furthermore, the woman stated that she had she had no dealings with Moore since her accusation, However, according to Moore attorney Phillip Jauregui, Judge Roy Moore was her judge in a 1999 divorce case:

“During the press conference that Ms. Nelson and Gloria Allred had on Monday, they both said that Ms. Nelson after the allegations had never seen nor had any contact with Judge Moore. As it turns out, in 1999, Ms. Nelson filed a divorce action against her then-husband, Mr. Harris. Guess who that case was before? It was filed in Etowah County is the judge assigned was Roy S. Moore, circuit judge of Etowah County. There was contact. Judge Moore signed an order in that case as well.” 

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