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The Results are In: CNN’s Ratings Death Spiral is Downright Embarrassing

These numbers are absolutely hilarious and this couldn’t have happened to a more deserving network.

CNN must live in some alternate reality because for some reason they still view themselves as “the most trusted name in news” even though a poll taken not long ago revealed that Americans see them as the least trusted name in news.

To add fuel to that fire, the personalities at CNN conducts themselves as if they are Democrat defense attorneys or at the very least progressive propagandists so much that they have had to retract numerous stories and offer apologies for attack stories against President Trump or those associated with him that turned out to be lies. Heck, three people actually lost their jobs after CNN was caught red-handed spreading fake news.

The once respected network, ages ago, is now an utter disgrace filled with angry hosts (if they are talking about Republicans or anything anti-progressivism) who spout Democrat propaganda as facts. Listening to their White House correspondent Jim Acosta whine when he doesn’t get a question, one would think that it is laid out in the Constitution that CNN must get a question, or two, or three at every presser. (Pro-tip: It isn’t.)

Most recently, CNN came under fire for blackmailing the maker of a meme they didn’t like, actions that Texas Senator Ted Cruz said may have broken the law.

And all that has taken its toll on their ratings, which would lead one to believe that Americans do not view CNN as a reliable source for news.

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In looking at cable ratings from June 26 to July 2, it turns out that CNN isn’t just lagging in the ratings behind FOX News, which is number one overall, and MSNBC, which is number two despite their conspiracy theory ways. To add further insult which should cause everyone at the network to hang their heads in shame, CNN placed number 13 overall behind HGTV, Nick at Nite (which runs re-runs), the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and more.

In fact, CNN came in at an embarrassing 13 behind number 12 Investigation Discovery, a documentary-based channel which features true crime stories.

Something tells me CNN won’t be sharing this embarrassing showing in the ratings race. They’d probably hate to be confronted with the reality that they are the least trusted name in news.

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h/t The Federalist

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