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Rep. Ron DeSantis: Real Evidence of Russian Collusion is With Clintons in Uranium Scandal, Not Trump [VIDEO]

DeSantis: Loretta Lynch Threatened FBI Informant in Clinton Uranium Scandal

In an interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan on Monday, Florida Congressman [score]Ron DeSantis[/score] said that the “problem” with getting to the bottom of the Clinton Uranium scandal is that the FBI informant, initially gagged by Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, was then “threatened” by Obama DOJ head Loretta Lynch.

“We’ve known for a long time that there were a number of payments made both personally to Bill Clinton and to the Clinton Foundation from Uranium One-connected individuals or entities — all foreign sources,” Rep. DeSantis told Regan. “We also know, as you mentioned, this Uranium One deal had to be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, members which included then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,” he revealed.

DeSantis said that he believes the FBI informant would be able to put “meat on the bones” of the investigation, and urged the current head of the Department of Justice, Jeff Sessions, to ungag the individual.

“What I think what we can find out now is, there is a confidential informant that the FBI used, starting in 2009, who was basically in the thick of a major racketeering scheme with some of the Russian elements who were involved in doing this uranium scan.

“I have spoken at length with the individual’s attorney. I believe there is a lot of very credible evidence here. The problem though, the individual being a confidential informant, signed a non-disclosure agreement with the Eric Holder Justice Department. He wanted to come forward and litigate some claims in 2016, and the [Loretta] Lynch Justice Department threatened him with reprisal if he were to go public on any of this stuff. I’m appealing to the attorney general to release him from the NDA [non-disclosure agreement].”

Congressman DeSantis called the gagging of the FBI informant “odd,” and that the Obama FBI hid the investigation into Russian “bribery and racketeering” from Congress:

“In the Congress, there was opposition to this [Uranium One deal]. Almost all Republicans. It is interesting, the media deals with Russia now. Republicans were opposed to it. That was before I was in the Congress but what would be strengthened the opposition is if they would have known that there was an ongoing FBI investigation involving bribery and racketeering. That would have blown the lid off this thing.”

Trish Regan noted that there’s a lot of “meat on the bones” since just weeks after the Russians “donated” $146 million to the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton’s Russian speaking fee doubled to $500,000. Regan noted the hypocrisy with leftist media and the Democrats acting as if Russia is now enemy number one but yet were perfectly okay with Hillary approving the sale of 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to the Russians.

But we’re supposed to believe that’s somehow a coincidence.

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