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REDISTRIBUTION: California Democrats Propose $1 Billion From Citizen Taxpayers to Illegals’ Healthcare

Pro-Illegal Immigration California Governor Jerry Brown

You could also classify this as an in-kind contribution to the Trump 2020 re-election campaign and the “America First” agenda.

NBC News reports, of course, changing the meaning of words from “illegal aliens,” the legal term, to “undocumented immigrants,” the politically correct approved terminology of the Democrat Party, the party that is hungry to fundamentally transform foreign illegal aliens to American voters — for Democrat power and control.

California, flush with cash from an expanding economy, would eventually spend $1 billion a year to provide health care to immigrants living in the state illegally under a proposal announced Wednesday by Democratic lawmakers.

The proposal would eliminate legal residency requirements in California’s Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, as the state has already done for young people up to age 19.

It’s part of $4.3 billion in new spending proposed by Assemblyman Phil Ting, a San Francisco Democrat who leads the budget committee. Assembly Democrats also want to expand a tax credit for the working poor, boost preschool and child care, and increase college scholarships to reduce reliance on student loans.

Brazenly, admitting that while prospering under the Trump economy, California, i.e., Mexifornia, is going to redistribute their newfound wealth from taxpaying citizens of California to the foreign invaders who don’t respect our immigration laws.

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As one commenter on the NBC story poignantly:

“Mexifornia at work again. So Illegal Aliens can drive legally, go to school for free, can get free legal help to fight deportation, are safe in all cities as the state will not hold an illegal alien for deportation, and they get food stamps, now they will get health care. Just one more reason to get the hell out of this state.”

That last piece of advice is a good one. If you are a God-fearing, constitutional conservative still living in California, “get the hell out of the state.” Let them be a one-party state of illegal aliens, largely uneducated who can’t speak English or assimilate and see how that works out for them.

At that point, they should just go ahead and secede and make the conversion to “Mexifornia” complete. Just remember California citizens, when you see your money being confiscated by sky-high income and sales taxes, you are paying for the healthcare of someone who invaded our country.

You can bet that if this proposal progresses in the Democrat-dominated California state legislature, “Governor Moonbeam,” Jerry Brown will sign the bill into law with glee.

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