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Real Descendant of Pocahontas Fires Arrows at the Fake One

A real descendant of Pocahontas is not only not a fan of the fake one, Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, but is a major fan of President Donald Trump.

On Monday, President Trump took a well-timed shot at political foe and potential Democrat presidential candidate [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score] — a Marxist — on Monday while speaking at an event honoring Navajo Native American Code Talkers who served our country in World War II.

“You were here long before any of us were here,” President said. “Although we have a representative in Congress who they say was here a long time ago. They call her Pocahontas,” he said, mocking Elizabeth Warren.

And while Warren hasn’t exactly claimed to be a direct descendant of Pocahontas herself — although that wouldn’t be shocking at this point — even as she has fraudulently claimed to be a Native American in order to advance her academic career before becoming a U.S. Senator, an actual descendant of Pocahontas, Debbie “White Dove” Porreco, told Sky News in a September interview that she wasn’t at all offended by the President’s nickname of Warren.

“I know that he uses ‘Pocahontas’ sometimes with Elizabeth Warren,” Porreco explained. “He said, ‘well does that offend you when I use that?’ And I told him no, it doesn’t offend me.”

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“If Pocahontas were alive today, she would be very proud of President Trump,” Porreco said. “Just like Pocahontas was a heroine, Donald Trump is going to be our hero.”


Relatedly, CNN political analyst Joshua Green reported that Thomas Begay, one of the Navajo Code Talkers who attended the event where President Trump used “Pocahontas” to mock Elizabeth Warren, was also not offended by the term.

While he was “puzzled,” he dropped this boom on the PC crowd:

“The Marines made us yell ‘Geronimo’ when we jumped out of planes and that didn’t offend me either.”

On Tuesday, National Review‘s David French broke down “progressive fraud” Elizabeth Warren’s cultural appropriating con job:

My favorite Elizabeth Warren story involves a cookbook. Warren, who was at that time posing as a trailblazing Cherokee, actually contributed recipes to a recipe book with the name, I kid you not, “Pow Wow Chow.” But here’s the best part of the story. She plagiarized some of the recipes. Yes indeed, her version of “pow wow chow” came directly from a famous French chef.

My second-favorite Warren story involves breastfeeding. She once claimed to be the first “nursing mother” to take the New Jersey bar exam, making her, I suppose, the Jackie Robinson of lactating lawyers. The problem? There’s no evidence this is true. Women have been taking the New Jersey bar since 1895, and the New Jersey Judiciary was “not aware” whether they tracked the nursing habits of test-takers.

Warren is a bit of an academic grifter. She’s willing to fake her way to the top. When she came to Harvard Law School, she was — believe it or not — considered by some to be a “minority hire.” She listed herself as a minority on a legal directory reviewed by deans and hiring committees. The University of Pennsylvania “listed her as a minority faculty member,” and she was touted after her hire at Harvard Law School as, yes, the school’s “first woman of color.”

While many fake news white liberal journalists were calling Trump’s comments “racist,” and “offensive” on Monday, White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders kneecapped the false narrative.

“I think what most people find offensive is Sen. Warren lying about her heritage to advance her career,” Huckabee Sanders fired back, calling Warren’s contention “ridiculous.”

As the Palm Beach Daily News reported, Debbie “White Dove” Porreco was the model for the famous animated Disney movie “Pocahontas.”

Debbie is descended from Pocahontas, and grew up on the same grounds. If you have an image of Pocahontas, it may be Debbie you’re visualizing. Because Debbie played the original Indian princess in commercials, parades, pageants, parties, re-enactments and documentaries, two produced by Ted Turner. Indeed, when Disney realized that Pocahontas probably looked like Debbie (Pocahontas should have been so lucky!), she became the model for the famous animated movie.


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