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Rahm Emanuel Snaps When Asked About Hillary 2020 [VIDEO]

Democrat Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel didn’t want anything to do CNN Host Dana Bash’s question about Hillary Clinton running for president again.

Emanuel, a veteran leftist of both the Clinton and Obama administrations as well as a former congressman, was asked by Bash if Hillary should run in 2020 as speculation grows from her recent Wellesley commencement address, which sounded like that of a campaign speech.

“If Hillary Clinton is up for another presidential run, would that be a good thing for your party?” Bash asked the Mayor of Chicago, the only major city in the country to lose population 2015-16.

Not only did Rahm Emanuel dodge the question, he scolded Dana Bash for even asking it in the first place, saying, “It’s not a good question.”

“Well look, you’re asking something that we’re not even through the mid-term election,” Emanuel dodged. “She hasn’t even declared.”

“I know, but I asked the question,” Bash pressed. “Do you think she should?”

“I love you,” Emanuel said disingenuously. “It’s not a good question.”

Emanuel went on to say that he happens to “love Hillary” has “a lot to offer” and thinks the sickly 69-year-old who will be 72 in 2020 is “full of energy.”

It’s obvious that Emanuel didn’t want to touch the question with a ten-foot pole. Nor did he want to criticize Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt and unlikeable candidate in the history of the Democrat Party.


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