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Racial Grievance Industry Profiteer Al Sharpton: Trump is ‘Killing the Dream’ of MLK

Race-baiting, racial grievance industry profiteer, Al Sharpton, is at it again. His show, Politics Nation, on MSNBC performed so poorly that it was reduced from being a daily show to only airing one day a week, Sunday. Perhaps the network feared the backlash from militant Black Lives Matter types if they did what they should have done…completely eliminate the show of the inarticulate race-baiting Sharpton who has perverted his work in the Civil Rights movement to build, i.e. extort, a multi-million dollar career for himself.

Sharpton has done all this while owing the IRS millions in back taxes, even when he was a regular visitor to Obama’s White House.

But, I digress.

On Sunday, Sharpton, who I simply cannot refer to as a ‘reverend,’ used the Lord’s Day to throw shade at President Donald Trump, reinvent the “legacy” of Barack Obama, and prop himself up even more by riding on the back of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy announcing a march to “commemorate MLK’s role in the Civil Rights movement.”

By “commemorate” know that Sharpton really means ginning up his base with claims of voter suppression as manipulative leftists claim that the requirement of an ID to vote is racist and tantamount to suppressing the vote of blacks. Never mind the fact that the same said ID is needed to open a P.O. Box, get a library card, buy certain over-the-counter medicines, etc. Liberals never let the truth get in the way of their victimization indoctrination.

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Sharpton wasn’t alone in his race-baiting claptrap. One of his guests, Rabbi Jonah Pesner from the far-left group, Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, spoke about mass incarceration, “voter suppression,” and fear of losing health care benefits (as if the loss of health care benefits didn’t happen under Obama) tying both into Trump, without outright saying his name.

We will be marching and praying with our legs because this is not a nostalgia march, right, we are marching to protect and defend the dream, which for too many people has become a nightmare with mass incarceration, with voter suppression, with people afraid of losing their health care benefits. So it’s important that we march — but that we march for the dream getting protected for the future, not just nostalgia for the past.

Enter Al “Resist We Much” Sharpton who for some reason views the return of the Winston Churchill bust, which Obama removed from the Oval Office, to sit alongside the bust of MLK, which Trump kept in pace, as “putting King’s dream out.”

It is not a nostalgia march because we saw when President Trump came into office, President Obama put the bust of Dr. King in the Oval Office. President Trump said, “I’m going to keep the bust, but I’m adding Winston Churchill.” But did he put the dream out? Because in the dream of Dr. King, he talked about voting rights — which is now under siege — he talked about poverty — which we are really clearly dealing with as the rabbi just referred to rather.

Sharpton wants to talk about blacks and poverty as if their financial status is the result of policies by Donald Trump, who has only been in office for a little over seven months. If Sharpton was intellectually honest and anything but a race-baiting, victimization preaching, racial grievance industry profiteer, then he would admit that the economic reality and status of blacks were both poor under Obama. This was documented numerous times throughout his presidency.

But, Sharpton isn’t intellectually honest. He’s a manipulative liar.

Watch Al Sharpton, in all his inarticulate glory, go after President Trump with baseless arguments that he is “killing the dream” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

h/t Newsbusters

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