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Progressive Notre Dame Snowflakes: Mike Pence Speech Made Us Feel ‘Unsafe’ [VIDEO]

Two of the intolerant progressive snowflakes who led a few dozen — out of over 3,000 graduating — to rudely walk out of the Notre Dame graduation ceremony while Vice President Mike Pence was delivering the commencement speech over the weekend, appeared on CNN Monday to explain their rationale for the walkout and it’s about as ridiculous as you might expect.

One of America’s next generation of useful idiots, a co-organizer of the walkout, told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin that he wanted to “have solidarity with those who are most vulnerable,” an outrageous statement considering Mike Pence is a strong supporter of unborn babies, the most vulnerable in our society, and their right to life.

He said he was standing with the LGBT+ (now a plus has been added, apparently).

Another said that she was standing in solidarity with the “undocumented” illegal aliens and for others who may be offended by Pence’s speech. Of course, she didn’t hear the speech, so she has no idea whether it would have been offensive to her or not.

“The walkout was in response to the fact that members of our own community felt unwelcome, uncomfortable, and even unsafe,” one of the progressive leftist students whined. “This was not the appropriate event for this kind of political discourse..this should have been an event for all graduates and all of their family members,” she argued.

Unsafe? Whatever happened to the old adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me?”

Ironically, VP Pence’s speech hit on the “administration-sanctioned political correctness,” at many of the nation’s campuses and that freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas is under attack.

The snowflake students kind of made Pence’s point, didn’t they?

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