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Progressive Leftist Academics Manufacture New Way for Snowflakes to Get Offended

(DAILY CALLER) — Two professors claim to have discovered a new form of politically incorrect offense called “invisibility microaggressions,” which are said to be even more subtle than regular microaggressions. Their proposed solution for these offenses is to get rid of meritocracy.

In social justice jargon, a “microaggression” is when someone — say a white person — asks an Asian person where they’re from. While the question isn’t offensive in and of itself, the act of asking a person who may get the same question repeatedly throughout the week can be annoying and therefore offensive.

Campus Reform reported on Thursday that a recent study by two professors, Jasmine Mena, who teaches psychology at Bucknell University, and Annemarie Vaccaro of the University of Rhode Island, claim that they are the first academics to discover that “invisibility” is a form of microaggressions not previously described in feminist academia.

“There is a growing body of literature that suggests invisibility is a common form of exclusion — or microaggression,” Mena and Vaccaro say. “However, no studies have focused deeply on the ways women faculty and staff experience invisibility microaggressions on college campuses.”

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