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Professional Racial Grievance Industry Profiteer Jesse Jackson: Trump Won’t Make it to Heaven [VIDEO]

Professional racial grievance industry profiteer Jesse Jackson thinks he gets to decide who goes to Heaven or not.

Professional racial grievance industry profiteer and former Marxist presidential candidate running as a Democrat, Jesse Jackson, said this week that President Donald Trump won’t make it to heaven because of his proposed immigration policies that require that legal immigrants “speak English, be qualified and have a job skill,” a policy that Jackson says eliminates the president from Heaven’s gates.

“Jesus would not qualify to come in Trump’s country, he would not qualify to get into Jesus’ kingdom,” the fake Reverend said on Monday while pushing for the elimination of the Electoral College so that Democrats can implement mob rule.

Actually, Jesus was a carpenter, so he had a job skill, Jesse. And since Jesus is the Son of God, I’m pretty sure he could pick up English. He was pretty good with the WORD!

Leave it to a race hustler to bastardize scripture in order to take a cheap political shot. By the way, Jesse, is your corrupt Democrat son still in prison, your namesake? And how’s that kid you had out of wedlock doing, your “love child?”

And, do you still want to cut Obama’s “nuts out,” Jesse?

At this point, we’re about 100% sure that Jesse Jackson has no say whether Donald Trump goes to Heaven or not.

Watch below, but be warned, he’s slurring his words so badly that he’s getting difficult to understand.

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