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President Trump: ‘Texas Can Handle Anything’ [VIDEO]

President Donald Trump addressing crowd in Corpus Christi, TX, August 29, 2017

President Donald Trump visited the flood-stricken area of Corpus Christi, Texas on Tuesday, providing inspiring words to an area that is still being pounded by the historic rains of Hurricane Harvey, telling the crowd in attendance that “Texas can handle anything,” and waving the Texas flag.

“I just want to thank your governor, Senator [Ted] Cruz, Senator [John] Cornyn — everybody — Dan [Lt. Gov. Patrick], we want to thank the whole crew,” President Trump told the cheering crowd. “This has been a total cooperative effort. Again, we will see you soon. I will tell you, this is historic, it’s epic what happened, but you know what? It happened in Texas, and Texas can handle anything,” the president proclaimed in the southern state known for its state pride, toughness, and rugged individualism.

The president then grabbed the flag of the Lonestar State, waving it to the crowd which caused massive applause and cheers.

Tropical Storm Harvey has set a preliminary Lower 48 U.S. rainfall record for any tropical storm or hurricane as it continues to soak the upper Texas coast and Louisiana, worsening record-breaking catastrophic flooding, The Weather Channel reported.

A Harris County Flood Warning System rain gauge near Friendswood, Texas, reported a four-day storm total of 49.20 inches through early Tuesday. This total will likely climb higher as Harvey’s rainfall continues.

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The center of Harvey will track back inland over southeast Texas Wednesday, The Weather Channel reported. Periods of torrential rain will continue over parts of Texas and Louisiana the next several days, worsening flooding in some areas.


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