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This Precious Child’s Black Life Didn’t Matter to the Black Teens Who Killed Him

Six-year-old Kingston Frazier (Mississippi Police)

He was six-years-old. SIX. YEARS. OLD.

Granted, one could ask why he was left in a car alone while his mother went into the store. Yes, his murder could have possibly been avoided had that not happened. But, that poor judgment doesn’t excuse what three black teenagers in Mississippi did.

They killed him.

Kingston Frazier was his name. He was left in a running vehicle at 1 am Thursday morning as his mother, Ebony Archie, ran inside the grocery store. Maybe he was sleeping, who knows. However, during a time when we hear “black lives matter” chanted coupled with a call to eliminate “racist” police departments or kill cops while people on the Left accuse anyone who attempts to shed light on the horrific, very often deadly, crimes blacks are perpetuating on each other, as “trying to change the subject,” the loss of this six-year-old black life DOES matter. It matters all the time but speaks to a sad reality that is becoming more and more prevalent.

It highlights a major problem in our society that has shifted further and further away from God. That is a complete and utter disregard for life.

Kingston was in the car alone when it was stolen by teenagers Byron McBride, D’Allen Washington and Dwan Wakefield. At some point in the stolen vehicle, police believe the teens shot six-year-old Kingston as he sat in the backseat of the car.

Madison County District Attorney Michael Guest announced during a press conference on Friday that the teens will face capital murder charges for the murder of six-year-old Kingston Frazier. A spokesman for the local sheriff’s department said, “All they had to do is let this kid off on the side of the road, at a grocery store, at a church, anywhere else, but they chose to kill the kid.”

According to Jackson Police Cmdr. Tyree Jones, Kingston’s body was found dead in the abandoned vehicle in a muddy ditch 15 miles from where it was stolen.

Fortunately, a security video helped police nab the teens who they believe killed little Kingston.

The three suspects were arrested within hours of the child’s body being found, authorities said, adding video and a witness helped identify them.

Authorities said Washington and Wakefield are both 17. McBride’s age was not immediately released.

In Mississippi, 17-year-olds accused of capital murder are tried as adults. The capital murder charge means prosecutors could seek the death penalty if the three are convicted, Guest said.

From the left, Dwan Wakefield, D’Allen Washington and Byron McBride (Madison County Detention Center)

Grieving family members stood with police during the press conference. Kingston’s cousin, Kolby Irby, said, “A 6-year-old is gone. His mother has to deal with this. That’s her baby.”

I know the mother no doubt feels horrible, and wishes she could take that moment back. Apparently, the Kroger parking lot where she left Kingston in the running car is patrolled by sheriff’s deputies. One even rides around in a golf cart. She probably that it was alright. That it was safe.

But, it only takes a split second for someone to jump into a running vehicle with the driver’s side empty. Please, people, I implore you. Do not take that chance with your child.

There is evil in this world and those evil people who are doing Satan’s work here on this earth will find a way to perpetuate it. Don’t make it easier on them.

Rest in peace, Kingston. I’m also praying for Ebony Archie, for all of Kingston’s family, and their community. Please join me.

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