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Planned Parenthood Desecrates the American Flag on Independence Day

If you thought Planned Parenthood couldn’t stoop any disgustingly lower than they do on a daily basis as they slaughter and kill innocent babies in the womb, with an emphasis on black and brown babies, then you were wrong.

The baby killing organization, an ally and big money donor to Democrats, whose leadership drank wine and ate salads as they joked and laughed about murdering the unborn, thought it would be fitting on the 4th of July, Independence Day, to desecrate the American flag by making one with condoms.

I kid you not.

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast degraded the American flag by posting a picture of one made with condoms.

As a reminder, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was featured in the undercover investigative videos by Center for Medical Progress. In the video, director of research Melissa Farrell admitted that Planned Parenthood, which should more accurately be called Planned Butcherhood,  not only negotiates pricing of human organs but also uses accounting tricks to cover up the fact that they are selling baby body parts for a profit.

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They might have thought their little stunt was cute but they got blasted for their disrespect in the comments.

Of course, there was someone who chimed in and revealed that the left is far from being the loving and tolerant group they claim to be. The ugliness, especially towards Christians, was on full display.


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