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PETA Asks a Really Dumb Question; Quickly Gets Inundated With Really Smart Answers

PETA (which does not stand for “People Eating Tasty Animals”), a leftist political organization masquerading as a benevolent animal rights organization, asked their Twitter audience one of the stupidest questions ever asked on social media Wednesday. And it wasn’t just the question that was dumb, but the ignorance of thinking that they weren’t going to be blasted is just amazing.

PETA, which is now using a homosexual-looking flag as their logo (what that has to do with animal rights is curious), and has as their Twitter header photo two pigs, asked people to justify their eating of Bacon (Yes, it deserves to be capitalized) the most delicious food giving to humans as an obvious gift from God.

PETA soon immediately got hit with responses that they had to see coming — or perhaps didn’t. But they really should have seen this train wreck:

Here’s a rational response:

Great point here. Why don’t they attack SPAM first, or something?

And like most phony movements from the Left, they’re typically filled with a bacon-load of hypocrisy:

PETA’s stunt went so poorly for them that even the left-wing Huffington Post noted their epic fail:

And what would a bacon conversation be without a Ron Swanson GIF:

And then there is just plain old facts and logic:

Okay, let’s just stick it in their face:

Combined with a cow is even better!

Others felt PETA’s online campaign was triggering their hunger for…bacon:

And then there are these home runs. Pro-life for pigs but not humans? Wait, what?

The greatest hypocrisy of all:

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