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New WH Communications Director Rushes to Delete Gun Control, Anti-Border Wall Tweets and More

Newly named White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci may now be a fervent supporter of President Donald Trump, who he said in today’s press briefing he “loves,” (several times) but not so much for the president’s policies if the tweets he just deleted are any indication.

Either that, or he’s had one hell of a conversion.

On President Trump’s signature campaign proposal, building a border security wall on the U.S. – Mexico border, Scaramucci tweeted in December of 2015, that, “Walls don’t work. Never have never will. The Berlin Wall 1961-1989 don’t fall for it.”

Of course, comparing The Berlin Wall, which was intended to keep people from leaving a communist hell hole is entirely different than a wall to keep people from entering a country illegally that has traditionally been a beacon of freedom and opportunity.

Nevertheless, Scaramucci tweeted:

On the Second Amendment, Scaramucci tweeted that he is strongly in favor of more anti-Second Amendment rights gun control laws, which also are diametrically opposed to the president’s views, including being against “keeping a gun in the home.”

Scaramucci also had very positive things to say about Hillary Clinton, calling her “incredibly competent,” a sin Trump supporters will no doubt forgive since there are multiple times that Trump praised the Clintons prior to becoming a presidential candidate:

Anthony Scaramucci, a former Goldman Sachs employee who started an investment firm and was recently on the president’s transition team, as well as serving as a senior vice president at the U.S. Export-Import Bank, also donated to Obama and Clinton’s presidential campaigns. Scaramucci gave $5,600 to Obama in 2008 and $4,600 to Clinton in 2007. Scaramucci wrote in November 2011 that he voted for Obama and Bill Clinton, according to The Daily Beast.

Scaramucci was a supporter of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and then Jeb Bush in the 2016 Republican presidential primary before hopping aboard the Trump train.

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“When I talk to Donald and he talks to me, I guess we don’t understand [each other],” Scaramucci told Fox Business Network in 2015. “I may need to get an interpreter in the room to talk to Donald.”

On June 22, CNN published a fake news story claiming that Anthony Scaramucci was under congressional investigation for meeting with the head of a Russian investment fund days before the Trump inauguration.

CNN ended up retracting the story and fired three journalists who concocted the story. CNN apologized to Scaramucci and he graciously accepted their apology.

Anthony Scaramucci may turn out to be the greatest WH comms director of all-time. However, it’s fair to ask how he’s going to support the president if he doesn’t personally believe in the president’s major policies.

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