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New Poll Shows Establishment RINO Stooge Jeff Flake in Deep Trouble Against GOP Primary Challenger

Even though she has considerably less name identification, former Arizona state Senator Dr. Kelli Ward is leading by a wide margin over establishment RINO stooge Senator [score]Jeff Flake[/score] for the upcoming GOP Senate primary in Arizona.

According to a new AZ Highground poll, Flake is trailing Kelli Ward by a whopping 14 points and also was down 8 points against likely Democrat challenger, Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema, an openly bisexual who allegedly has ties to the Communist Party:

PHOENIX (August 22, 2017) — A statewide Arizona survey of 400 likely Arizona 2018 General Election voters shows Republican incumbent Senator Jeff Flake fourteen points behind his primary Republican opponent Kelli Ward and eight points behind prospective Democratic opponent U.S. Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D, AZ-9).

 Q.        If the primary election for United States Senate were held today, would you vote for [Rotate] Jeff Flake or Kelli Ward?

28.2%  Jeff Flake
42.5%  Kelli Ward
5.1%    Some other candidate
24.2%  Don’t know, Refused

Q.        If the General Election for United States Senate were held today, would you vote for [Rotate] Jeff Flake or Kyrsten Sinema?

32.5%  Jeff Flake
40.5%  Kyrsten Sinema
27.0%  Don’t know, Refused

Senator Jeff Flake, whose Conservative Review Liberty Score is a solid “F,”  (as is John McCain’s) is so frantic to rebrand himself as a conservative that he ripped off the book title of legendary real conservative Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater’s influential 1960 classic “Conscience of a Conservative,” which happened to be ghost-written by Brent Bozell III’s father.

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Dr. Kelli Ward previously challenged the other establishment RINO Senator, [score]John McCain[/score], who recently cast the deciding vote to fully keep the failing Obamacare debacle.

McCain won that race, viciously smearing Ward as “Chemtrail Kelli,” while avoiding the discussion of his very liberal voting record that caused him to be censured by the Arizona GOP in 2014.

FLASHBACK: RINO John McCain in 2016 Campaign Ad Claims to be Leading Fight to ‘Stop Obamacare’

For her part, both Mark Levin and Sean Hannity, two leading conservative talk show hosts, endorsed Dr. Kelli Ward over Jeff Flake this week.


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