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Former NFL Star Burgess Owens: ‘Evil,’ ‘Anti-White,’ ‘Anti-American,’ ‘Marxist’ Ideology ‘Indoctrinated’ Players [VIDEO]

Former NFL star Burgess Owens, appearing on Hannity on FOX News, 10/16/17

Former ten-year NFL veteran Burgess Owens, appearing on Hannity Monday evening, said that an “evil” ideology has “indoctrinated” players within the National Football League which have led to protests in which a plethora of players disrespecting the American flag by refusing to stand for the National Anthem.

Owens specifically called out Black Entertainment Television, which he said isn’t even owned by black people, which he said has flooded black communities with a Marxist ideology which has now spread to the NFL:

“One of the biggest things we can do is identify what our problem is. We have a problem which we have a white Marxist organization that has indoctrinated our kids the last 15 years with anti-white, anti-flag, anti-American — everything you see on the sidelines today has been flooded into our community — the liberal filth for 15 years — it’s called Black Entertainment Television [BET].

It’s not owned by black people It’s white people with a black facade, black employees with a message that is anti-American. So you have all these kids growing up in this environment, they’ve become millionaires, they’re going to believe what they were taught to believe.

We are up against a very evil ideology, guys. And understand that and we pull these guys from behind their corporate boardrooms. Have them stand in front of the American people and explain what they are doing to us.”

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After Hannity noted that sports were formerly a unifying feature of American life, Burgess Owens asserted that there are those in society — “black elitists” — who profit from the divisiveness and “sit back and let it happen.”

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