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Powerful New Ad by Judge Roy Moore Strongly Refutes Allegations, Slams D.C. Elites [VIDEO]

With the December 12, Alabama Senate election less than three weeks away, Judge Roy Moore is out with a new campaign ad that strongly refutes the “false allegations” against him.

The ad touts Moore’s sterling public record and five state-wide campaigns in which he was thoroughly vetted as evidence that the allegations against him from 40 years ago, less than a month before the election, is a political smear campaign orchestrated by liberal elites and the Republican establishment to take him out.

“Five statewide campaigns, 40 years of honorable service, Roy Moore has been intensely scrutinized — and not a hint of scandal,” the narrator announces. “But four weeks the election, false allegations a scheme by liberal elites and the Republican establishment to protect their big government trough,” the ad continues as pictures of Establishment RINO Surrender Caucus leader [score]Mitch McConnell [/score]is shown wearing a crown next to Democrats [score]Chuck Schumer [/score]and [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score].

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McConnell is shown for a good reason. An enemy of the grassroots Tea Party movement that gave Republicans the majorities they’ve failed to capitalize on, McConnell reportedly spent over $30 million to unsuccessfully defeat Roy Moore in the Alabama GOP primary. McConnell and President Trump supported McConnell’s hand-picked stooge Luther Strange.

“But we know a vote for Roy Moore means conservative judges, tax cuts, and rebuilding the military,” the campaign ad continues. “Roy Moore — the right choice,” the ad concludes.

Watch below via CNN:

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