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‘Nasty’ Elizabeth Warren as Steve Scalise Fights for Life: ‘We are an Army’ [VIDEO]

Even as a victim of progressive terrorism, Congressman Steve Scalise continues to fight for his life, progressive Senator [score]Elizabeth Warren[/score] continues to spew hateful, divisive, and violent rhetoric.

Speaking at a friendly New York town hall on Friday, June 16, Warren, reading from her book, “This Fight is Our Fight,” a likely segue to a 2020 presidential run, said, “Donald, you ain’t seen nasty yet” and told the audience that “We are an army,” an obvious reference to the violent communist revolutionaries like those in the Antifa Democrat terrorist organization desiring to overthrow America.

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On Wednesday, a progressive leftist terrorist and social justice warrior identified by authorities as James T. Hodgkinson, 66, from Belleville, Illinois, a loyal campaign worker of communist Bernie Sanders, opened fire at a Republican baseball practice after first verifying that it was Republicans and not Democrats practicing.

A review of Hodgkinson’s Facebook page before it was taken down reveals him to be a supporter and campaign worker for communist [score]Bernie Sanders [/score] and a fan of radical leftists in the Democrat Media Complex like MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and HBO’s Bill Maher.

A 2011 interview Hodgkinson gave in support of the violent progressive “Occupy Wall Street” movement showed him repeating the same Marxist class envy and class warfare claptrap talking points used by Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

“The 99 percent are getting pushed around, and the one percent doesn’t give a damn,” Hodgkinson told the interviewer. “So we’ve got to speak up for our country,” he said.

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