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Nancy Pelosi: Democrats Don’t Need New Leaders or New Ideas [VIDEO]

Appearing on [score]Fox News Sunday[/score] with Chris Wallace, the leading House Democrat [score]Nancy Pelosi [/score]said that the Democrat Party needs neither new leadership or new ideas when Wallace pointed out that many people are describing the party’s leadership as “frankly, too old.”

Wallace put a graphic on the screen showing that the three top leaders in the House of Representatives, [score]Nancy Pelosi[/score] herself, [score]Steny Hoyer[/score] and [score]James Clyburn[/score] are 77, 78, and 77 respectively, and asked if the “Democrats need new leaders and new ideas” since they continue to lose all of the special elections that have been held since President Trump took office.

As you can see below, even though the party has been decimated the past eight years across the nation under the leadership of Obama and Pelosi, not only losing the presidency, but the House and the Senate, but roughly a thousand seats in state legislatures across the nation, Pelosi quickly began tooting her own horn, referring to herself as a “master legislator,” and that she has to promote herself because no one else will:

CHRIS WALLACE: But let me ask you this — there were four special House elections in this spring in which there were Republican seats that were opened because they put jobs in the Trump administration — let me finish — in the Trump administration.

NANCY PELOSI: No, I’m agreeing with you.

WALLACE: And you lost all four of them. Some of your own Democratic colleagues in the House say part of the problem is that you and your leadership team are, frankly, too old. And the question I have is: does — do Democrats need new leaders with new ideas?

PELOSI: But let me just say this, self-promotion is a terrible thing, but somebody has got to do it.

WALLACE: Exactly. I agree with you on that.

PELOSI: And I think that the situation that we are in, I am a master legislator. I know the budget to the nth degree. I know the motivation of people. I respect the people who are in Congress.

I think this is a great moment for those of us who understand what is stake with the Affordable Care Act, what our possibilities are in terms of working together with the Republicans as has been our experience in the past. So, I feel very confident about the support I have in my caucus.

In other words, no changes at the top, folks. It’s all good from her view, as long as Nancy Pelosi and her ilk get to milk the system.

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