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Muslim Democrat André Carson: We Need ‘More Muslims’ in American Politics [VIDEO]

Muslim Democrat  Congressman André Carson appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer on Monday and in the same interview, both accused President Trump of spreading what he calls “Islamophobia,” a term invented by the Left to demonize those who resist jihad and Islamic supremacism, and also arguing the America needs more Muslims in politics.

Rep. Carson, who is one of two Muslims in Congress — both Democrats — the other being anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan supporter Keith Ellison (aka: “Keith X”), appeared with Blitzer to discuss the Trump terrorist ban, an executive order banning immigration from seven countries seen as hotbeds of terrorism.

“I think what makes me even more concerned about President Trump’s rhetoric is that he has fanned the flames of Islamophobia in our country in a time where we need more Muslims to participate in the political process — where we need more Muslims and we need to highlight the Muslims who are in our law enforcement communities keeping America safe and protected us from stories that we’ll never hear about in the news.” 

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Wolf Blitzer, of course, didn’t follow up with questions like,

  • “Why do we need more Muslims in politics?
  • “How is Islam compatible with the U.S. Constitution?”
  • “Do you believe in freedom of speech, even when it’s critical of Islam?”
  • “Do you believe in freedom of religion or do you subscribe to the ‘convert or die’ philosophy?”
  • “There’s a Muslim Mayor of London? How has that worked out?”

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