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MSNBC’s Joy Reid: Trumpers Like Putin, Think He’s Advancing ‘White Christianity’ [VIDEO]

It’s a day that ends in “y,” so progressive leftist MSNBC host Joy Reid is dealing the race card from the bottom of the deck again, claiming that Republicans who support President Donald Trump, who she calls the “alt-right” are big supporters of Russian strongman Vladimir Putin because they believe he promotes “white Christianity.”

Of course, the entire MSNBC panel bought into the narrative, with fellow host Nicolle Wallace telling the whopper that Obama had been tough on Vladimir Putin (see video below. Is she joking?):

MSNBC’s JOY REID: “My old Cold-warrior Reaganite father must be spinning in his grave to know that the United States which used to– you know, he’s African, so the desire to limit the expansion of Russian spheres of influence led us to support the apartheid government in South Africa over Nelson Mandella.

Now we have a Republican party that not only at its base is becoming Putinite, pro-Putin — you’re seeing it accelerate.”

MSNBC’s NICOLLE WALLACE: “It’s not just the president. There are loud voices in conservative media who celebrate [WikiLeaks’ Julian] Assange, who praise the brute strength of Putin.”

REID: “That’s right. And for a lot of reasons the alt-right, you know, for these sort of weird white nationalist reasons, they feel he’s advancing white Christianity.”

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One thing you gotta love about MSNBC, a member of the Democrat Media Complex, is that when one of their leftist kooks goes down in flames (think Keith Olbermann, Melissa Harris-Perry, Martin Bashir, Ed Schultz, etc., etc.), they never learn their lesson. They just trot out another Marxist drone.

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