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Megyn Kelly Admits: No New Gun Control Laws Would Have Stopped Las Vegas Massacre [VIDEO]

Megyn Kelly (Credit: Megyn Kelly Today, NBC)

Former FOX News host and current NBC host of Megyn Kelly Today, Megyn Kelly, told her audience on Tuesday that despite the emotional pleas for authorities and lawmakers to “do something” to stop future horrific acts like the recent mass murder in Las Vegas — an act against humanity that randomly murdered almost 60 people as well as injuring over 500 more — no new anti-Second Amendment rights gun control laws or changes in mental health laws would have stopped the perpetrator.

Kelly told her audience that she “felt helpless” following the act of evil and that it’s human nature to try to figure out what happened so that the next such act might be stopped. However, she admitted that such acts by government, like new gun control laws or mental health laws, are futile since it appears that neither would have stopped the person that seemingly — at least so far — showed no red flags or “no known risk category” and “no zealotry that we know of” prior to the attack.

“The mental health laws are not going to change, and we know it,” a saddened Kelly said. “The gun laws? Right. And even if they did change, you would still get people like this guy and we know it. From the look of things, this is a guy who was a lone shooter, no history of violence, no record, no red flags, no anything,” she reported.

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“No anything, in this case, not yet anyway. A retired accountant who had a girlfriend, who was supposedly happy, decided to murder a group of innocent people here in the land of the free. So how exactly do we make sense of that?” Kelly said.

More positively, Megyn Kelly said that the way regular people in Nevada dealt with the tragedy and the aftermath, including the brave police and first responders,

“The good people of Nevada sprang into action reminding us of who we really are in this country,” she stated.


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