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Mark Levin Names the One Question Every American MUST Ask Themselves About Healthcare [AUDIO]

Federal government involvement is highly unconstitutional but since Americans have been dumbed down by progressive educators to the degree that we no longer know what the enumerated powers are, constitutional scholar and best-selling author of the new book Rediscovering Americanism and the Tyranny of ProgressivismMark Levin told his vast audience the crucial question(s) Americans should be asking themselves when it comes to federal government intervention in the healthcare markets:

“Do you trust politicians and bureaucrats to make decisions about your health care and the health care of your family?”

“If you do, which politicians and which bureaucrats do you trust to make these decisions?” Levin further asked.

Great question!

When putting it this way, very few — if any — can name someone trustworthy enough to delegate the crucial and personal decision of healthcare to one of the sleazeballs in Washington, D.C., who generally don’t give a rip about you but instead are most concerned about their own power over you.

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Listen below to Mark Levin making the case that Americans are voting for servitude over liberty by delegating their health care decisions to the federal government:

h/t:  Conservative Review

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