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Mark Levin: ‘I Haven’t Seen Chuck Schumer This Happy Since He Stopped Being Constipated’

Conservative talk show host, constitutional scholar and best-selling author Mark Levin, who has treated President Donald Trump very fairly and objectively, unloaded on the president for making a deal to raise the debt ceiling with Democrat leaders [score]Nancy Pelosi [/score]and [score]Chuck Schumer[/score].

Levin, affectionately known as “The Great One” in conservative circles, told his radio audience on Wednesday that he has applauded President Trump when he’s been conservative but said that he has now turned liberal, stating jokingly that he hasn’t seen Schumer this happy since he stopped being constipated.

“He just bought off on a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi — I haven’t seen Chuck Schumer this happy since he stopped being constipated — and they are just thrilled. They got the president to agree to a three-month continuing resolution by tying the Harvey natural disaster aid to a debt-ceiling increase.”

This has been their tactic all along,” Levin said about Pelosi and Schumer’s strategy to take advantage of a crisis. “And now, come the election cycle year, for a third of the Senate and all of the House of Representatives — now, the president who said he would shut down the government in order to get the wall, completely backtracked,” he charged.

“Not only is he not shutting down the government, the debt is completely out of control,” Levin said while noting that Washington has no plan whatsoever to reduce the still-exploding national debt.

Listen to the full audio below:

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