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Democrat Congresswoman Pulls Race Card Over Chick-fil-A

(WASHINGTON FREE BEACON) — A Democratic congresswoman said drawing attention to a colleague’s first job in the fast food industry is racist.

Rep. [score]Marcia Fudge [/score](D., Ohio) criticized Rep. [score]Joe Wilson[/score] (R., S.C.) for pointing out that Sen. [score]Tim Scott[/score] (R., S.C.), the Senate’s only black Republican, began his career working at Chick-fil-A at a Wednesday House committee debate over franchising regulations. Wilson had mentioned Scott’s work experience to demonstrate that entry-level workers can learn valuable lessons on the job, which can contribute to later success.

“[Franchises] provide entry level jobs for people to have first-time employment, improve themselves, and succeed,” he said. “In South Carolina we particularly recognize this. U.S. Senator Tim Scott had his first job at a Chick-fil-A franchise.”

Fudge took offense to the remarks.

“I have to say this. I am trying to figure out for the life of me what Tim Scott has to do with what we are talking about today. So he worked at Chick-fil-A? So what? I mean did [Wilson] bring it up because he’s black?” Fudge said. “I take great offense to using a U.S. senator, who happens to be my friend, in something so ridiculous.”

A spokesman for Sen. Scott said that he was not offended by Wilson’s remarks.

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