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Major Tea Party Group Accuses Rod Rosenstein of ‘Stonewalling,’ ‘Abuse of Power’ [VIDEO]

A major Tea Party group has called for Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to “do his job, or resign” following the explosive release of the FBI Abuse Memo which showed that Rosenstein, among others, had signed off on the FISA requests using a phony Hillary Clinton campaign opposition research document to trigger an investigation intended to frame Donald Trump for doing precisely what Democrats were doing — colluding with the Russians to affect the outcome of the presidential election.

In a hard-hitting video released on Friday, Tea Party Patriots Action uploaded a call to action on YouTube which characterizes Rod Rosenstein as “a weak careerist at the Justice Department, protecting liberal Obama holdovers and the Deep State, instead of following the rule of law.”

“His incompetence and abuse of power have undermined congressional investigations, led to stonewalling and tarnished the credibility of the Department of Justice,” the narrator of the powerful ad continues. “Time for him to stand up for the rule of law and stand up for the American people. It’s time for Rod Rosenstein to do his job, or resign.”

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Rod Rosenstein appointed former FBI head Robert Mueller to investigate the Trump campaign for “Russian collusion,” without a crime being identified or evidence thereof. Rosenstein was given the power when Attorney General Jeff Sessions unnecessarily recused himself from the investigation.

Tea Party Patriots Action released the following statement from Honorary Chairman Jenny Beth Martin:

“On behalf of our nationwide network of over 3 million supporters, we call on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to stop protecting Obama holdovers and Deep State bureaucrats who are politicizing the Department of Justice and FBI, or resign.

Rod Rosenstein’s stonewalling and failure to cooperate with legitimate congressional oversight have damaged the credibility of important institutions and undermined critical congressional investigations seeking the truth about the politicization of our national security agencies. Our message to Mr. Rosenstein is simple: Do your job and uphold the rule of law or resign from office immediately.”

The Tea Party Patriots are one of the few remaining national Tea Party organizations after the tyrannical Obama Regime unconstitutionally weaponized the IRS to target his political opponents much like is the practice in banana republics led by third-world despots.

Watch the 30-second ad in its entirety below:

Among the revelations documented in the explosive FBI Abuse Memo, are these key takeaways, as reported by the Washington Examiner:

⦁ The FBI relied heavily on Democratic Party dossier to obtain three surveillance warrants before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The FBI did not tell the court the information came from a Democratic Party-financed opposition research. FBI knew source.

⦁ In one application to judges, FBI cited two sources, the dossier and a story by Yahoo News. But the Yahoo story was based on the dossier. Not really two sources.

⦁ Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe said warrants on Trump volunteer Carter Page could not have been obtained without dossier.

⦁ Dossier writer Christopher Steele lied to FBI when he said he did not speak with media. He has said in libel case that he spoke to reporters repeatedly.

⦁ FBI fired Mr. Steele. He then continued to funnel information to the agency through former associate deputy attorney general Bruce Ohr. Bruce Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS, the opposition research that paid Mr. Steele. She passed Fusion research to the FBI, which never disclosed source to FISA court.

⦁ Mr. Steele said he wanted to destroy Trump’s presidency with a dossier that remains discredited.

⦁ Former FBI director James Comey signed three surveillance warrants on Trump campaign aid Carter Page at the same time he told President-elect Trump that the dossier was “salacious and unverified.”

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