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Major City’s Push to Give Illegals ID Cards Backfires Spectacularly

For two years, pro-invasion progressive leftist agitators have had a major push to give identification cards to illegal aliens in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, after protesting outside City Council meetings, wearing purple “One Phx” ID T-shirts and convincing the Democrat-lead council to approve the measure, they have quickly withdrawn their request to promote illegal immigration in this manner. The movement came to an abrupt halt after realizing that giving illegals ID cards could make it easier for the federal government — under the Trump Administration — to track them down and deport them.

AZ Central reports:

But now, as Phoenix prepares to issue the cards, the same immigrant-rights activists are wary that the effort could hurt those it intended to help.

The One Phx ID coalition, an alliance of community groups that spearheaded the effort, has yanked its support.

Their change of heart came after the election of President Donald Trump. His hard-line approach to immigration has led many activists, both in Phoenix and other cities with ID cards, to fear cardholder data could aid in deportations.

One Republican State Senator, John Kavanagh, representing Fountain Hills, AZ, said he wasn’t too worried about the push for ID for illegals in Phoenix “given that the Trump administration may simply come in and subpoena the records and round them all up.”

Phoenix had planned the launch of the illegal ID program after Democrats, greedily seeking to get new voters even if they aren’t U.S. citizens, approved the measure last August.

Like most big cities in America, Phoenix has a Democrat mayor, even though Arizona as a whole leans Republican. Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton declined to comment on the matter to AZ Central.

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