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Louie Gohmert: Loretta Lynch Tried to ‘Manipulate’ Election When She Ordered Comey to ‘Lie’ [VIDEO]

Rep. Louie Gohmert: ‘We Have a Conspiracy Afoot in the Department of Justice that is Going to be Out to Destroy This President’

Referring to the bombshell revelation from the Senate hearing featuring former FBI Director James Comey on Thursday, in which he confessed that then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch ordered him to downplay the “FBI criminal investigation” as only being a “matter,” principled constitutional conservative Congressman [score]Louie Gohmert[/score] asserted that Lynch was trying to “manipulate” the election by having Comey lie for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Appearing on FOX News “America’s News Headquarters” with Julie Banderas, Rep. Gohmert made the case that James Comey has destroyed his credibility by taking contemporaneous notes of conversations he had with President Trump over fear of what Trump might later do, versus taking no such notes — apparently — when Loretta Lynch, then his boss, ordered Comey to repeat Hillary Clinton campaign talking points about the criminal investigation.

“We know at best it was an attempt to manipulate the election, not by the Russians in this case, but by the Department of Justice — the Attorney General herself,” Congressman Gohmert said.

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Gohmert noted that the FBI only investigates potential criminalities, not “matters” and accused Lynch of abusing her position of head of the DOJ by underhandedly providing cover for Hillary.

“As a former prosecutor, judge, and Chief Justice, I can tell you credibility is always relevant, it’s always material. And when Comey said he took a memo of what the President said because he was afraid of what he might do in the future, whereas, you have the Attorney General herself, basically telling him to lie.

She knew it was a criminal investigation. The FBI is not allowed to look into ‘matters.’ It’s got to be an investigation. There’s got to be a criminal probe that they’re getting into. Otherwise, they have no business getting into fishing expeditions or phishing ‘matters.’

So he totally ruined his own credibility — what was left of it. He raised big red flags and questions over Loretta Lynch’s job as head of the Justice Department and raised red flags and questions over Loretta Lynch’s job as head of the Justice Department. 

She was using her position to help the campaign of Hillary Clinton and that didn’t seem to bother him enough to bring a memo.” 

Gohmert explained that per Comey’s employment contract with the government, any notes or memos he took as part of his official duties are the property of the government and were required to be turned in upon his departure.

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According to Comey, he leaked his memo about a meeting with President Trump to a friend, who then forwarded it to the New York Times for publication. The “good friend” Comey leaked the memo to is reportedly Columbia professor Daniel C. Richman, whose bio on the Columbia website describes him as “an adviser to FBI Director James B. Comey.”

“I believe I heard him say he did the memo and then he talked with some of his colleagues,” Gohmert recalled. “We need to round up everybody he talked to because they were all conspiring against the President and all conspiring against their oath of office,” he urged.

“We have a conspiracy remaining afoot in the Department of Justice that is going to be out to destroy this president and they’ve got to be fired, if not worse,” the Texas congressman declared.

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